Ready, Steady, Die! is a British-American electronic music duo comprising of Morgan Visconti (composer, producer, vocals) and Sam K (composer, vocals).

Based between London and New York, Visconti (founding partner at human and human label) and K have been buddies since forever and have been involved in each other’s projects for decades.

Pleasure Ride (released 1/27/20) is the first of three albums to be released as a trilogy which will journey the listener through a beautifully dark, hypnotic voyage.

In 2020 Ready, Steady, Die! released three singles and videos (directed by Morgan aka WeekendClass)

VENT (Official Video) – premiered on on 12/10/20

DEEP (Official Video) – premiered on on 8/17/20

WOEBETIDE (Official Video) premiered on 1/27/20


Pleasure Ride album cover

Ready, Steady, Die!

Pleasure Ride